One week approx. 220 nm

Marina di San Vincenzo – Capraia Island (Port, bouy field or buy) – Capo Corso (in the port of Macinaggio or one of the bays around the cape) – St.Florent (port, roadstead or nearby bay) – a day in the bay of “Deserta delle Agriate” (Plage de Lotu, Plage de Saleccia, Plage de Ghignu) – Capraia Island– Marina di San Vincenzo




Destination details

Located in French territory, it is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean sea, separated from Sardinia by the short stretch of “Bocche di Bonifacio”.

Because of its variety of its ecosystems, it is metaphorically defined as a miniature continent, offering landscapes as diverse as they are divergent within a single territory: unspoilt nature, crystal-clear sea and sandy beaches contrasting with picturesque mountains, white cliffs and red rocks. At once wild and welcoming, gentle and rugged, fascinating and austere, Corsica is a unique place that gives strong emotions; it is not coincidence if it is called “L’Ile de la Beauté”.

Its strategic position and wealth have favoured its demographic, commercial and cultural development since antiquity, making its artistic and architectural exceptional heritage.

When visiting Ajaccio, you cannot missing the opportunity to admire, for example, “La Maison Bonaparte”, Napoleon’s birthplace. The succession of dominations over the centuries has made the island a cradle of many peculiarities that can be found in the Corsican language, typical culinary receipts and popular customs.

Located in the Western Mediterranean, it is dotted with a considerable number of small island and archipelagos. The many harbours and “exotic” bays abd coves await you for a stay full of history and charm.

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